Adrenal Cancer

By: Matthew Beaver

When was the cancer first discovered?

It was first discovered by Batholemeus Eustachius in (1520-1574)


In about half of people with adrenal cortex cancer, symptoms are caused by the hormones made by the tumor. In the other half, symptoms occur because the tumor has grown so large that it presses on nearby organs.

  • Weight gain, often around the chest and stomach
  • Fat deposits behind the neck and shoulders


  • Surgery
  • Radiation
  • Chemotherapy
  • Other medicines

How much of the population of the world is diagnosed with it?

The exact number found in the United States is not certain. It is probably about 300 cases per year. The average age of those found with adrenal cancer is around 45 to 50.

How to prevent it

Since there are no known preventable risk factors for this cancer, it is not now possible to prevent this disease, specifically. Not smoking is a way to lower the risk for many cancers, and perhaps even adrenal cortical cancer.

What major organs are affected by the cancer?

Rare form of cancer that develops in the adrenal glands, which are located on top of the kidneys.

Startling Fact

That the symptoms of this cancer are caused by the hormones that the cancer itself creates

Funding for Research

More that $261 million has been donated


Localized - cancer has not grown out of the adrenal glands (65%)

Regional - cancer has grown to nearby tissues (44%)

Distant - cancer has spread further to distant sites (7%)

(All of these are survival rates for 5 years after treatment)

Infections or Genetic?

The vast majority of adrenal cortex cancers are sporadic (not inherited), but some (up to 15%) are caused by a genetic defect. This is more common in adrenal cancers in children.

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