directed by Jim James and Warren Casey


When a wholesome good girl named Sandy and a greaser renegade Danny, fall in love over the summer.Never thinking they ever see each other again.But they soon discover the attend to the same high school ! Social differences challenge there love for each other


  • playing as Danny - Max Crumm
  • Playing as Sandy -Laura Osnes

The songs

  • Grease Lighting
  • look at me I'm Sandra Dee

Awards and Recognition

  1. The best Music
  2. Best original songs
  3. Best motion picture
  4. Good comedy
  5. Best motion picture actor/musical comedy

The Facts

Several actors returned to the Grease franchise but since not all the actors did return it wasn't as big as a success as the first Grease.

"Heaven can't wait" starring Warren Beatty filmed next door to "grease"

During the race at thunder road the wheel cutters kept changing lengths throughout the whole race

grease is a love story

it was maid into a film in 1978

none of the actors who played teenagers were actually teenagers

both of the main characters were not their first choice

grease opened on Febuary 14th 1972 at the Eden theatre new York

Greased Lightning - Grease
Marissa Silva "Look at Me I'm Sandra Dee" in "Grease"