Ludwing Boltzmann


The beginning of Boltzmann

He was born in Vienna, Austrian Empire on February 20, 1844. He attended the University of Vienna from 1873 to 1876.

Major Contributions of Boltzmann

He used statistical mechanics to explain the reason of how atoms define the properties of atoms.

Boltzmann's theory and research

Boltzmann is known for his explanation of thermodynamics through the use of statistics. Boltzmann main idea was based off of the strict relationship between thermodynamic properties and their microscopic institutions. He was attempting to prove the second law of thermodynamics through a theorem from mechanics. Although, he later realized that the second law involving entropy could never be proven through just mechanical means. Instead, he stated that it could only be based on the probability theory, and that the second law of entropy was to be solved this way. His work inspired future physicists to create the equation, S=klogW, from his work.

The Legacy

Boltzmann died on September 5, 1906, and had the equation S=klogW engraved on his tombstone. The interesting about that equation is that he inspired it, but never physically wrote it down. Even though that was what his worked was based off of.
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