Technology Resources for Families

Supporting You Through Distance Learning

Purpose of Resources

Instructional videos are here to help you navigate a platform that your child may be working with. Please reach out the Seneca Falls Help desk at with any questions. Thank you for your continue partnership.


Once the school app is downloaded, the app will ask you for your school district web address. Please use the following:

Parent Access Guide


Seneca Falls utilizes Clever as a platform to springboard to our district online applications. Students will need to do the following to gain access to all district online software:

  1. Once logged into the chrome book or logged into google on another device, go to the student’s school by choosing the school in the top of the website.
  2. Click on the Clever icon in the top right corner
  3. Choose “Log in with Google”
  4. The dashboard will appear and show the many apps students can choose from
  5. For Frank Knight students, when they choose Frank Knight from the school list and click the Clever icon, it will give them the option to “Log in with Clever Badge”. Hold the student’s QR code up to the device camera.

Google Read & Write