Award For Most inspirational

Jennifer Lawrence By: Maggie Carpenter

Why Jenniffer is the best candidate

- For me I believe that Jennifer Lawrence is the best candidate for most inspirational person because she is one of the most relatable actresses.

- She manages to keep a close connection with her family (her mom is her manager)

- And she has done a variety of roles from Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games to Ree dolly in Winters Bone and Mesquite in the X men trilogy

- She is a 2 Best actress awards and she still does not let the fame get to her head because she lives in a town house in la


J-law has won her fair share of awards, one of her most memorable award ceremonies is when in the 2014 Oscars she won Best Actress, but when she was going up to accept her award she tripped and fell on the stairs in front of 270 famous people and 37 million viewers at home and yet she got up and continued as if it had never even happened.

Fun Facts

J-law is the youngest, and she has two brothers Ben and Blaine. She finished high school online because she wanted to move to New York to pursue acting which means she's committed. She grew up in Louisville Kentucky and two dogs a horse and cat which she says comes in handy when she has to work with animals. And she read all the Hunger Games books before she got the role in three days after.


In general J-Law is very inspirational towards me because she doesn't care what anyone thinks, she seems like a funny person. (example from a quote to your right) In general she was a very interesting and fun person to research.