Painted Faces

A New Identity

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As the boys adapt to their surroundings they start to loose their sense of civilization. They become killers and will do anything to kill the beast and any pigs they see on the island. They discover that the best way to hunt and kill without being seen is to paint their faces. At first they only use the paint to stay hidden, but they then discover that the paint gives them another personality.

"One of them contained white clay, and the other red. By them lay a stick of charcoal brought down from the fire" (Golding 63).

They are realizing that the clay and paint will provide them camouflage when they hunt, but it also turns into something greater than that.

"He paused and looked round. He was safe from shame or self-consciousness behind the mask of his paint" (Golding 140).

Jack has made the paint into more then just camouflage he uses it to become a different person. He uses it to cover up his old life and to hide how he really feels.

"He had even a glimpsed one of them,striped brown, black, and red" (Golding 183).

Ralph is hiding in the bushes while the hunt is going on, the hunters joined together and turned against Ralph. They have lost all sense of civilization and cover up their guilt and feelings with the war paint.