Hubenak Choir News

February 4, 2014

Val-o-gram Delivery

Val-o-grams will be performed on Wednesday, February 12th. Choir students should wear their turquoise t-shirt and jeans to school that day. We will add all of the Valentine accessories. Don't forget to check out the commercial below.

I want candy!!

Our early bird candy bucket is running a bit low. If you're out and about and catch a good deal on candy (snack size), we would appreciate some donations. Especially the kind your child likes...'cause I bet the rest of the choir would like it, too. Thanks!

Attendance and Calendar Dates

  • Don't forget you can monitor your child's absences and tardies online.
  • There will be NO rehearsal on February 13th. I am at the TMEA convention.
  • We DO have rehearsals on LRA days (practice STAAR)

A Message to Parents of Fourth Grade Girls

Many of you have students interested in the Girls on the Run program. Please be aware that the date of the 5K run in Galveston will conflict with our Kemah trip. There will be an option to do both with an early check out, but your girl will miss out on the fun part of Kemah (the rides and games). Kemah is an optional performance for the choir. It is our last thing, so there is no penalty for missing it, but it sure if FUN! I just want you to have the information as you are making the choice to participate. Please email me if you have questions.
Valogram commercial 2014