Of Mice And Men Context

Liz Keddie

The Great Depression

The Great Depression was the longest economic downfall in the western industialized world. The United States Great Depression started in October 1929. It started due to the stock market crash. In this crash; sales went down, but prices went up. This is where the Great Depression originated. Timing of the depressin varied between countires. Consumer spending dropped leading to a substantial increase of unemployment.

1933 is when the Great Depression was at it's worst. At that time 13-15 million Americans were unemployed. Along with the unemployment, half of the United States Bank was failing. Here is a video about Americas Bank during the Great Depression http://www.history.com/topics/great-depression/videos/1929-stock-market-crash. Farmers were impacted a lot due to the depression because crop prices fell 60%. Those impacted the most were cities and countries relying on heavy duty industry. Prsident Franklin Roosevelt was the hero who helped America get out of the Great Depression. The United States economy was not fully recovered until 1939.


The American Dream

The American Dream is the ideal that every United States citizen should have an equal oppurtunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative. The American Dream idea partly comes from the Decleration Of Independence. In the Decleration is states that "all men are created equal". It is known as a National ethos in the United States. The dream inculdes both personal and global components. It started in the mystique, regarding frontier life.

The meaning of the American Dream has changed over the years. Depending on the person and what they do for a living, the dream could mean a different thing to them or have a greater importance. To some, the Dream is connected to the success in sports and how working immigrants seek to live the American way. The idea of working hard, save some money, send the kids off to college so they can achieve more than you, and retire in warmer climate is another view on the American Dream. This point is viewed by the hard working middle class.



John Steinbeck

Steinbeck was born on February 27, 1902 in Salinas, Californias. John was an American author. He decided to become an author at the age of 14. He became an author even after the fact that his father made it clear that he wanted John to stay with the family tradition of owning a feed-and-grain store. He went to college at Stanford University, but dropped out with out a degree to pursue career in writting. Unfortunately, Steinbeck died December 20, 1968 of a heart attack.

Steinbeck wrote 27 books. He published 16 novels, 6 non-fiction, and 5 collections of short stories. His book The Grapes of Wrath won the Pulitzer Prize. This book sold over 14 million copies making it his most famous book. He is also known for East of Eden, The Red Pony, Of Mice and Men, Tortilla Flat, and Cannery Row. The setting of his books are mostly central and southern California and are about fate and justice. He won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1962.