Ludwig van Beethoven

By Mia Parman

A quick intro to Beethoven.

Have you ever had that feeling when you hear good music? Well, some of the best music is influenced by Ludwig van Beethoven. Before his music career he was a very musical kid! He didn't just write music but he changed it with the amount of music he wrote!

What was Beethoven's Childhood Like?

  • Beethoven was born on December 16, 1770.
  • The real truth is though we don't actually know when Beethoven was born but we do know he was baptized on December 17, 1770 so we assumed that he was born on December sixteenth or fifteenth.
  • It was around when the time when he was seven that his father noticed his son's musical talent.
  • He started to studied music most of his time, so by the time Beethoven was sixteen he was playing concerts and teaching music.
  • In 1887 he went to Vienna to study music with Mozart.
  • Sadly later that year he had to come home for his mother which had grown ill and died soon.

How did Beethoven Change Music?

  • He was only just a kid when he started practicing his music.
  • His first concert was when he was seven years old.
  • In 1816 he became deaf.
  • Beethoven kept composing even when deaf!
  • Most times he was composing his music not hearing nothing but himself.
  • This is big inspiration for many disabled people!
  • He wrote when he wanted and what he wanted!

What and How Many Works does Beethoven Have?

  • Beethoven wrote or composed 398 pieces of music. Almost 400 pieces of music!
  • He had 131 orchestral, 101 instrumental.
  • 87 songs, 77 choral or choir.
  • 32 Piano sonatas, and 1 opera!
  • His first Symphony was in a C major.
  • His second in D major.
  • His third was in an E Flat Major, also known as Eroica.
  • Symphony four in a B Flat major with five in C minor.
  • Number six or Pastoralis (Latin for Pastoral) is done in an F major.
  • The seventh or Apothistes of Dance is a La major.
  • Finally Symphony eight or the little Symphony in an F major and the all famous ninth symphony with a choir and soloists was made in a D minor and is one of the most famous pieces in music!


Sadly Beethoven died on March 26, 1827 during a thunderstorm. He may have had rough childhood but he lived on to change music forever! He wrote many great works and inspired many! Beethoven inspired the world of music and still does today!

Beethoven Quick Bio

Born - December 16, 1770.

Died - March 26, 1827 at age 56.

Became fully deaf at age 46 in 1816.

Famous for his music.