College Athletes should NOT be paid

By: Emmalie Helinski

Trying To Handle Money

According to Kieran McCauley “Athletic scholarships are their compensation and a fair one at that. Essentially they receive a free education and in return they represent the school in a certain sport. College athletes don’t have to worry about student loans, paying for textbooks, the cost of on-campus living, and meal plans”. I agree with every thing she said. This quote proves the problem with paying college athletes and the hard part about the money.

Education Needs To Come First

As of what Ekow N. Yankah says “In some dispiriting cases, the students are so unprepared that academic failure seems inevitable. In worse cases still, their scholarships are cynically undermined by the schools themselves". This quote shows the importance in athletes education. without education for college athletes they are unprepared for real life problems so we should not paying for college athletes to play because we need to make sure education comes first before the importance of college athletes playing and getting paid.

Avoiding The Antitrust Regulation

A antitrust regulation is also referred to as "competition laws" - are statutes developed by the U.S. Government to protect consumers from predatory business practices by ensuring that fair competition exists in an open-market economy. According to John Solomon “The NCAA is not above the antitrust laws, and courts cannot and must not shy away from requiring the NCAA to play by the Sherman Act's rules, the three-person panel wrote. In this case, the NCAA's rules have been more restrictive than necessary to maintain its tradition of amateurism in support of the college sports market. The Rule of Reason requires that the NCAA permit its schools to provide up to the cost of attendance to their student athletes. It does not require more” This is a problem and we need to make sure that every college is obeying the antitrust regulation so this is why we should not be paying colleges to play because of this antitrust regulation.