Principal Post

September 22, 2023

Park Glen Community,

We are in the full swing of our school year now and as I walk through classrooms I am seeing a lot of student growth already and high quality teaching! Our power actually went out for about 3 minutes this morning and the classes just kept teaching/learning without a hitch. So if your student comes home saying the lights went out, they did. Luckily, they came back on quickly and stayed on the rest of the day! We are blessed at Park Glen to have such strong teachers, respectful students, and supportive parents and I am proud of all the hard work we have put in already!

Don't miss our Back to School Kick-Off tonight from 5:30pm-7:30pm!

Fundraiser Update

Thank you parents so much for your support with our POP4Kids Fundraiser! We are about 75% to our goal! If we reach the goal, the kids get to slime Mr. Roub and they REALLY want to do that! If you haven't added names to your contact list from the Golden Ticket, you still can, simply go to

We need parents to help monitor the inflatables and help with the snow cone and water stations. If you want to volunteer for the "Day of Awesomeness" click below:

Beginning of Year Testing

We are almost 100% complete with our beginning of the year MAPS testing! Keller ISD utilizes MAPS testing at the beginning, middle, and end of the year to benchmark our students and monitor growth. You should be receiving a Family Report for your students MAPS scores for Reading and Math. MAPS is a norm-reference assessment that compares students with other students in the same grade across the nation who also utilize MAPS. The report you receive will show you your child(ren)'s percentile ranking which means they are currently performing as good as or better than that percent of students across the nation. If you have questions about your child(ren)'s scores, please reach out to your child(ren)'s teacher!

Arrival Update:

Many of our students are being dropped off or walking to school early and playing in the front lawn by the bike racks before school doors open at 7:40am. We've received some reports of students climbing on and jumping off the picnic tables and bike racks, as well as running around too close to the street. This is a serious safety risk. There are no teachers or staff on duty until 7:40, so please talk to your students if they are an 'early arriver' to please be respectful of each other and the school property and stay safe by keeping away from the street. Thank you for your help with this!

Dismissal Update:

Our carline starts to line up before 3:15 which is when 3rd grade recess ends for the day. We've received some reports of car drivers interacting with students who are at recess, which has caused students to run towards the waiting cars in the carline. If you are an 'early arriver' carline driver, please do not interact with the students while they are at recess. Thank you for your help with this!

We have a lot of big events coming up, including our FIRST EVER Reflections Art Night next Friday, so mark your calendars! (more info below)

See you all tonight at our Back to School Kickoff!

Nate Roub



Coming Up

Monday September 25th

-World Explorers Club

-KISD Board Meeting

Tuesday September 26th

-Cheetah Store! (4th & 3rd grade)

-Cheetah Players Auditions

Wednesday September 27th

-Cheetah Store! (2nd & 1st grade)

Thursday September 28th

-Cheetah Store! (Kinder grade)

-Picture Day

-Yearbook Club

Friday September 29th

-Cheetah Store! (PreK @ 2:00)

~ Upcoming Big Events ~

September 28th - Fall Picture Day

September 29th - All Pro Dads @ 7:15am & PTA Reflections Art Night

October 6th - Day of Awesomeness!

October 9th-13th - FALL BREAK - No School

October 17th - REACH Rally

October 20th - Career Day

October 23rd-27th - Red Ribbon Week

(TONIGHT!) Back to School Kick-Off

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World Explorer Club (Help Wanted)

We have had an overwhelming response to the new World Explorer's Club with over 70 students wanting to sign up and join! This is super exciting, however, with that amount of students, we really could benefit from an additional parent volunteer or two. If you are interested in joining the club, email Thank you!

We are hosting the FIRST EVER Reflections Art Night and we REALLY need RSVP's for the workshop next Friday. We are having extremely talented professionals coming from all over the metroplex to perform mini clinics/workshops for each category of the Reflections Program- Film Production, Photography, Dance Choreography, Music Composition, Visual Arts, and Literature! It really is such an amazing opportunity for our sweet kiddos to get FREE lessons and instruction from the BEST of the Best!

Here is the RSVP link

or there is a QR code on the flyer below so that we can plan the groups AND order the FREE PIZZA! Can't wait to see you all there!

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PickUp Patrol


This is a friendly reminder to please use PickUp Patrol to report ALL absences and changes to your student’s dismissal plans.

PickUp Patrol saves us a great deal of time here in the office and reduces interruptions in our classrooms—most importantly, it helps us ensure that all our students are safely dismissed to their correct after-school destinations,

If you have not registered yet, please contact or PickUp Patrol at so that we can send you a registration email.

Picture Day

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CHS Theatre (this weekend)

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Central Stage Theatre's annual Fall Showcase runs next weekend, September 22-September 25! The Fall Showcase includes 4 shows that run back-to-back, and include over 60 students. The schedule for the shows is below.

September 22:

7pm- Our Town

Approx. 8pm- By the Bog of Cats

Approx. 9pm- As You Like It

September 23

7pm- By the Bog of Cats

Approx. 8pm- As You Like It

Approx. 9pm- The Lost Boy

September 24:

2pm- The Lost Boy

Approx. 3pm- Our Town

Approx. 4pm- By the Bog of Cats

September 25:

7pm- As You Like It

Approx. 8pm- The Lost Boy

Approx. 9pm- Our Town

The CHS students would love the support if you're able to make some of the shows!


CHS will be having our Elementary Feeder Pattern Night for all elementary schools zoned for CHS on Tuesday, October 3rd. The varsity game will begin at 5:00pm with an opportunity for autographs by the Varsity players after the game!

Also the CHS free Little Charger Volleyball Clinic has over 40 kids signed up already and our kids are so excited to play some volleyball with your students on September 30th! If you haven't signed up yet, but still want to click the link below!

Career Day

Career Day is a super fun and educational day on October 20!

If any PGE parents would like to speak to our students about your career or for more information please email by Sept.15! We would love to have you present!

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*Yearbook Orders- Order your yearbook today to receive 10% off of your order. (Discount ends October 31st). Click the link to order. Click here to order your yearbook
Report an Absence

We use PickUpPatrol to monitor our absences as well as daily dismissal. Please use this link to log in to your parent account to report an absence or make a dismissal change.