Weller Weekly

April 11-15

What's up at Weller?

Monday (4-11)
  • Growth Plan Meetings with Dr. D
  • Kindergarten Field trip to Juanita K
  • 1-2 French Club @ 3:50-4:30

Tuesday (4-12)

  • iMom's @8:00 A.M.
  • Staff Meeting @ 3:50--Creating a Canvas Page

Wednesday (4-13)

  • Tech Meeting @ 7:45-8:15
  • Dr. D out to IGNiTE and Leadership Meeting
  • TST MeetingS
  • Tech Meeting @ 3:45-4:15

Thursday (4-14)

  • Mid-Quarter
  • Growth Plan Meetings with Dr. D
  • Weller P.R.I.D.E. Celebration
  • K-1 Ballet @ 3:50 - 4:30

Friday (4-15)

  • No School PL/Workday
  • STEAM PD w/ Austin Retledge @ McBride Elementary 8:30-11:30 A.M.

Coming up:

4/21 John Erickson Author Visit

4/22 Field Day @ Weller

Gotta know it....

This past week we started summative testing. I can't wait to see all the gains in our kids from the great learning they have done in your amazing classrooms.

Here are the things you should know about this week:

  • Our Hank the Cowdog books are exciting! Thanks for encouraging parents to participate in our All School Read in your newsletters and for setting aside time to discuss the chapter after it was assigned to be read.
  • If you have not signed up for a Growth Plan Meeting, please remember to do this. I need to meet with everyone.
  • 3rd--5th Grade Teachers: To give every advantage to our students, make sure you have had your students take the online practice test. Last year there was a significant gap between students who took this practice and those who did not. Students log-in to the practice through the MAP DRC window. Here is the link on our SPS website which gives you directions for how to get to the practice.
  • Our first IGNITE observation is next week. Everyone, including our specialty staff, is expected to observe the great learning going on through the IGNiTE initiative in our model classrooms. Please sign-up to observe during your plan time for 30 minutes next week in either Ralene or Michelle's classroom. There will be no after school meeting on Tuesday next week.
  • ELP summer school letters went to parents of students scoring more than one year below on the iReady mid-year test. Amanda will get you a list of the students in your classroom who received a letter. If you have data to show this student is reading on grade level, please let the parent know the student will not need to attend ELP summer school. Please encourage parents to sign-up their student for ELP this summer if they are reading more than a year below grade level.
  • Next week we will continue with iReady testing. Can't wait to see the growth of our kids! Click here to see our schedule for next week. (Tabs are at the bottom)
  • The 2015-2016 Needs Assessment Survey should be taken by Friday, April 15th.
  • If you have an idea of a project to have done at Weller, please let me know. I'm submitting projects by April 22nd for UNITED WAY DAY OF CARING in August.


The school we visited in St. Louis had a data wall for attendance. Staff at Lemeadows Elementary communicated a message to parents if a child missed one day it would take their child five days to get back in the swing of school and have missed learning made-up. Over the past couple months, our attendance has been dropping. John and Linda have been calling parents of students with attendance between 88-94%. Robin checks in with every absent student's parent daily and sends our attendance officer, Ed, to the home. Please celebrate your kids who come to school, even if they arrive late. A call or talking to parents about your students who have poor attendance would be worthwhile too. Thanks for all you do to build relationships and creating the inviting classroom environment you do. This makes a HUGE impact!

Here is each classrooms year to date attendance. John has included if your class went up or down from the previous week.

Wahl, Haleigh 97.03% Down .11%

Tinney, Rebecca 96.89% Up .01%

Rich, Susan 96.34% Down .10%

Norrell, Carrie 96.07% Up .02%

Barker, Michelle 96.02% Up .10%

Bernelis, Shayla 95.85% Down .10%

Weinman, Carma 95.72% Up .31%

Almeida, Joanne 95.44% Up .02%

Hughes, Sherry 95.41% Up .06%

Squibb, Crystal 95.32% Up .02%

Dake, Michael 95.09% Up .01%

Ellis, Peggy 95.06% Down .12%

Miller, Jamie 95.03% Even

Graves, Ralene 94.83% Down .35%

Shores, Kendall 94.66% Down .21%

Morey, Cari 94.46% Up .06%

Sanders, Hanna 94.31% Up.08%