Technology Integration Goal #3

"Students will give the teacher feedback on concepts..."

Project Ideas...

Below are some examples and ideas of apps and web based assessments you might want to consider for Goal #3. This is NOT a comprehensive list....just a place to start!

Digital Assessment

Review this Smore on Digital Assessment created by April Harris. She gives many examples of Digital Assessment with links and video included. I personally like Infuse Learning the best. I am available for a training on this!

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Using Pages, you can create a "talking worksheet" that allows students to add text, pictures and video to a document template that you share with them.

Follow this link for an example...

Google Forms

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Create a Google Form to send to your students. You add checklists, text boxes, grids, video, multiple choice as a way for students to provide feedback and reflection on assignments. Just share the generated link with your students. All they have to do is fill your form out!

(examples are provided within the Digital Assessment link below)


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After completing an assignment or project, create a Padlet. Send the link to your students and have them share their thoughts on the "wall". Mirror your Padlet wall using AppleTV to prompt class discussion.


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Create an interactive nearpod or choose one already made...for free! Just share with your students and have them follow along. See the link for an example of one available to download for free.


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Using Keynote, create a presentation, send to students, and allow them to add their responses - either right within the slide or using the presenter notes feature.

(example will be added)