Peter the Great's reign as emperor

In Russia


Peter the Great was ten years old when he took the throne. At that time he was young and immensely curious. He was very ambitious he had many ambitious reforms but they didn't last with out him. He was determined to expand Russia's borders . He was larger than life ruler said well known poet during his reign. he was selfless he wanted what was best for russia not just himself.


  • He created the largest standing army in Europe, built a world-class navy from scratch, and set out to extend Russian borders to the west and south.
  • In 1700, Peter began a long war against the kingdom of Sweden, which at the time, dominated the Baltic region.
  • During the 1600s and 1700s, Russia became the largest nation in the world by, expanding its power and influence both eastward and westward
  • 1709, he defeated the Swedes and won territory along the Baltic Sea
  • He created a new capital from the land he conquered from Sweden , he called it St.Petersburg.
  • Under his reign he created a very strong army.


  • Was very strict
  • His policies contributed to the growth of serfdom
  • served only to widen the gap between Russia and the West.

interesting facts

  • 10 years old when he took the throne in 1682
  • When he first took the throne he was very uneducated
  • He was 6'7, which was the tallest leader of his time
  • he killed his son