Dancing Courtship

By Chloe Strong

Laysan Albatross

These birds perform a elaborate dance of courtship that both the femal and the male take part in. The duet gets complicated and can have up to 25 moves. Once a mate is picked they are mates for life, the male staying and help raise the babies with the female.


Many animals use dancing as a form or courtship to attrack a spouse. In most cases the male will perform an elaborate dance for a female and then she will decide if she wants him or not. Several kinds of dances are performed by several different males in an attempt to get the girl. May the odds be ever in your favor men!

Great Crested Grebe

This water bird dances with one of the opposite gender to prove commitment. The Grebe dance is intricate and is performed with one making up the moves and the other mimicking. Dancing ends with both birds going underwater to find eachother food.