Num Chak Kachan

Khmer layer cake with coconut cream



75g rice flour
50g tapioca flour
125ml water
125ml coconut cream
100g palm sugar
Red or green food colouring
Grated coconut for garnish
Pinch of salt

To prepare:

1. Sieve the rice flour and mix it with the water, coconut cream, palm sugar and salt. Mix well.

2. Pour half the mixture into a separate bowl.

3. Add food colouring to one bowl (green or red is generally used for this dish).

4. Pour the uncoloured mixture into a flat-bottomed dish which can sustain heat and steam for approximately five minutes until it is slightly firm to the touch.

5. Pour a layer of the coloured mixture over the steamed portion. Steam again for approximately five minutes.

6. Repeat the process several times; adding more layers to the steamed portions (you can use various colours for different layers). There are generally four to five layers in a traditional Cambodian Num Chak Kachan.

7. Steam the entire cake for approximately 40 minutes until it is completely set and firm.

8. Cool, garnish with grated coconut and cut into pieces.