Market Economy

by Ange,Erin,Victoria,Roxanne

3 Characteristics of Market Economy

  1. a great of freedom.
  2. in a market economy, almost everything is owned by the people not the government.
  3. the use of scare resource.

The Advantages of Market Economy

  1. high degree of individual freedom.
  2. small degree of government interference.
  3. the high degree of consumer satisfaction.

The Disadvantages of Market Economy

  1. high degree of uncertainly.
  2. markets don't work in some areas ( such as national defense and public good).
  3. a market may not provide enough of some basic goods and services.

Market Economy - Not Viable

A Market economy is not viable for the refugees because there is not a lot of help from the government, it's mainly individual freedom. So they would have to find jobs, homes, food and everything else on their own.
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