Wall crawl!

...a night out in LV (aka Liberty Village)

Change of Plans - Event #5

It's been a "bitter cold" winter and the warm days of spring are no where in sight.

So we tend to be lazy, hibernate and stay in our cozy apartments.

If you're like me, cabin fever starts to set in around this time of year.

Now IS the time to get out, do something and meet new people!

Change of Plans - Event #5, "Wall Crawl" will be a Rock Climbing event at Joe Rockhead's, followed by some beverages and apps at Local Public Eatery in Liberty Village. Come out, learn how to rock climb, meet some new people, hang out, have a beverage or two, and break out of your routine!

To reserve a spot, please send me $45 via email (steve@changeofplans.ca) or in person. There are a total of 30 spots available!

I hope to see you there.

~ SG

Wall Crawl

Friday, March 20th, 8pm

29 Fraser Ave

Toronto, ON

Here's the game plan...

7:30 PM - Arrive and change into clothes more appropriate for climbing

8:00 PM - Welcome everyone for attendng and Joe Rockhead staff to walk through safety rules, techniques to climb walls, and how to safely belay your partner back down to ground

9:00 PM - Practice around the gym with your partner or a new partner!

10:00 PM - Wrap up and change back into your street clothes

10:15 PM - Local Eatery for Apres climb beverages

We are Change of Plans

Change of Plans is a new social event planning business that is centred around making people happy through unique experiences/activities, new networking opportunities, and supporting local talent/small businesses/charities.