Module 9 Opens TODAY!

Motivation & Emotion

INSTRUCT: What will we study in this Module?

Why do we do the things we do? In this module we will study motivation and emotion. In our study of motivation we will focus on motivational concepts, hunger, sexual motivation, the need to belong, and the motivation to work. When we move to emotion we will focus on the theories of emotion, embodied emotion, experienced emotion, and expressed emotion. I hope that this module is interesting and applicable to you! Let's get started!

INFORM: New Assignment for Module 9

One of the most important activities you should do every day in your course is to access the Learning Block, open the daily post, read all of the information, and download/view/read all of the attachments. Unfortunately, not everyone does this on a regular basis - and it is impacting class performance. Some think that reading the email reminder is enough, but IT IS NOT! The email does not have all of the information posted, the images do not always show, and the links are not accessed.

Beginning with Module 9, you will receive an "attendance" grade for each module.

  • To earn credit toward this grade, you MUST access the daily Learning Block post on the day it is posted.
  • You will earn 10 pts per day for each day of the Module. Your grade will be based on points earned/number of days per module. For Module 9 this will be eight days. (January 17 - 29).
  • You MUST access the Learning Block post through Moodle. Reading the forwarded email from the forum WILL NOT satisfy this requirement.
  • There is nothing to submit for this assignment. I will grade your participation using Moodle course reporting tools (see example below).

If you already access the Learning Bock daily, THANK YOU - and this will be an easy grade for you to earn, If you do not, you will need to change your habits. If you have questions, please send me a separate email.

CELEBRATE: Outstanding Effort on the Midterm Exam!

Congratulations to the many students who scored a 90% or above on their Midterm Exam.

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