Never give up

By: Justin Hines


The only way to get to perseverance is through all the adversities. Pg. 69 in the Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Yen Mah, I lifted the glass and turned to third brother, my ally, knowing that he would never fail me. " Can I drink this?" I asked , confident he would be relied upon. " Of course! Congratulations! We're proud of you!" Convinced, I took a generous sip of the ice-cold drink. The disgusting taste of urine hit me like a mighty blow. This shows that even your closest ally's turn there back on you and now recive adversities. When these problems happen always try your best to persevere through them.

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Through out all the problems everyone has to persevere through them. For example in the video never give up there is a man named Nick Vujicic. He is a man with no arms and legs. He has to go through the struggle everyday with no arms and legs and does a great job of persevering through it. He figures it all out himself and he even can get up by himself! This shows that just because a person has disabilities doesn't mean that they can not persevere through problems that they have.
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There are many ways to achieve triumph in situations of perseverance. For example, Michael Jordan had great triumph after having the flu, and having one of the best games of his life to move on in the playoffs. He had to persevere through his sickness which led to triumph. This shows that when your sick or down and etc, don't ever give up through thick and thin, achieve greatness in your own way.
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