Demo: How to take a passport photo

Kyleigh Telford at Snap Photo Studio

Date and Time:

Thursday, June 18th
5:30 PM

Description of Activity:

How to take a passport photo – From taking the photo to cutting and stamping


It can take some time to go through the whole process, so it’s helpful for a photographer to have an assistant do this while the photographer is busy with other work. It is also an important part of our business, as it gives customers an easy accessible and inexpensive way to get legal passport photos.

Details of the Activity:

1. Go into studio, have customer sit on stool in front of lights

2. Get camera, check to make sure there is a memory card, and that the flashes are on

3. Ask customer to look straight ahead with a neutral expression, no smiling

4. Take photo at eye level, horizontally. Check to make sure the exposure is good, Aperture should be set to f/13

5. Have customer wait out front, load photos onto computer and open in Photoshop

6. In Photoshop, crop the photo at 4.6cm x 6.1cm and 300 ppi

7. Use ruler tool to make sure head is 31 – 35mm from top to chin, if not, re crop

8. Copy and paste two copies of the photo onto the Canadian passport document side by side in the top left corner

9. Go to back room, make sure printer is on and load photo paper in glossy side down

10. On computer, go to print and set position to Top: 0 and Left: 0 so that it is positioned in the top left corner

11. In back room, get printed copy and cut off extra white, and separate photos

12. Stamp address on the back at the top of each photo, and stamp date at the bottom

13. Once ink is dry, put both photos in an envelope and bring to customer

Required Materials:

  • Camera
  • Memory card
  • Photoshop
  • Photo paper
  • Stamp and ink
  • Paper cutter

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