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By: McKenna Pavelock, Macee Sperling, & Bailey Alexander

New ASCISD Athletic Complex

New ASCISD Athletic Complex

The new ASCISD athletic complex took a lot of hard work by coming up with a proposal and design to make the dream come true. On paper the design looks amazing but seeing the facilities now, in person, is our dream coming true.

The first step in the process was coming up with a proposal. The ASCISD board members voted to call a bond election for May 11, 2013 to try and get the right facilities the students need. An eight million dollar bond was voted on and approved by the city to construct the complex. Before they voted, the members decided upon three propositions in which they would build, the athletic complex, a transportation/maintenance facility, and an addition of six classrooms and other renovations to the Anderson Elementary.

The second step in the process was coming up with a design. The complex is modeled after Iola High School's Athletic Complex. They designed it so the field house would be positioned behind the Sr/Jr high school and increase the size of the parking lot.

The best part is seeing the facilities now, in real life. It includes a new football field, track, baseball and softball field, tennis courts, field house, new wing in the elementary, and a new transportation facility. It was completed Fall of 2014 and started about a year earlier. The field house includes a concession stand, locker room, and bathrooms for men and women.

All the hard work that was put into the proposal and design to make the facilities is now paying off! Students say that the new complex will help them mentally by “wanting to win on their own turf” or “having the home field advantage.”

Are Dress Codes Better or Worse?

Dress Codes: Are they Better or Worse?

By: Macee Sperling

Dress codes can take away who you are and the things you’re interested in. There are many issues that arise when dress codes are enforced upon young adolescents in a way seeming like you’re taking their rights; though, there are some good things that can come of having dress codes; it is in your First Amendment Rights and there are cases dealing with the matter of dress codes in schools in the United States.

There are multiple issues that are caused by dress codes, strict or not. The humiliation that happens when a student is individually called out on the matter of his/her appearance feels crushing the person’s sense of individuality, I should know, it happened to me. Along with that humiliation comes being labeled by others. If a girl wears a cute skirt just a little short of dress code and is told to put on these warm ups on that are extremely ugly and don’t match what she is wearing, people might tease her the call her an uncoordinated person with no sense of fashion. Sometimes a young girl might wear shorts to school that show more than they are supposed to, she could be labeled a person that does inappropriate things. They can be blamed for what they wear and how it affects young or older men. Young women can also be sexualized by the issues that occur. By wearing clothes that show too much, young men might get the impression that the young woman is someone who is okay with being taken advantage of.

Some schools have banned the wearing of leggings because they are too fitting. People have different opinions that some clothing is appropriate and what isn’t, like a school in Chicago said “ If you wear leggings, you need to wear a shirt that reaches down to your fingertips.” Some people say that what girls wear is distracting. Needless to say, dress codes are a big part of schools, whether or not they limit you.

Despite all the restrictions in some dress codes, there can be good things that come out of it and bad things that come out of it. Most girls would say that dress codes restrict them from showing who they are. Asking them to change in any way because what they wear is “ distracting.”
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How to Sleep In Class Without Getting Caught

How to sleep in class

It happens to the best of us, we have all fallen asleep in class and probably got in trouble. Here is my guide to fall asleep without the whole getting in trouble nonsense. This guide will tell you how to fall asleep without getting in trouble.

One way to fall asleep is to do so with your eyes open and i will tell you how to. The first thing you need to do is to stare at an object in the distance and relax every muscle in your body. Next you will need to take deep breaths and clear your mind of everything. Once you have cleared your head of everything just focus on your breathes which will make your body go to a state of rest. This is not actually sleeping it is more like meditation.

How is the best way to sleep in class? Well to answer that question the placement is key. See if you go to the front of the room you are too close to the teacher but if you go to the back that is where the slackers are usually located. these areas are usually where the teacher will usually walk around but if you go to the middle you are less likely to be seen by the teacher. the next thing is position if in the middle slide down your chair and lean back, if in the front lean over your desk and face your head down like you’re looking at your paper and have a pencil in your hand, if in the back by a wall use the wall and put a pencil in your hand and then just rest. then finally the best thing to have if you are falling asleep in class is good friends so if you miss anything in class they can just give you the notes.

What to do if you are caught? If you are caught then just make up excuses like my dogs kept me up or had a late night with your parents or something. If that doesn't work then just suck up to your teacher like every other self respecting student. Then if that doesn't work then just say really loud”I PLEADE THE 5TH”!!!

I am not trying to tell you to fall asleep in class but if you feel it is gonna happen then here are some tips on how to do it .