Wildcat Weekly 11.14.22

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At this special time of year, we want to express how grateful we are to work with such a committed group of educators. Our organization depends on each and every one of you to create a culture of learning where students and adults can thrive. As we approach Thanksgiving and the holiday season, we hope you are able to recognize the things you are grateful for at work and at home. It allows us to be hopeful and positive, even in the most challenging circumstances. Let gratefulness consume your thoughts in this special season.

Reflections on Teaching: ENVOY Michael Grinder

Influence Approach

Gems 6 and 7 are designed to be used together. When we notice a student OFF task, the first question we train ourselves to ask is, “Can the student do the work?” If the answer is “NO,” then the student needs a teacher – not a manager. The second question is, “How’s the student’s relationship with me today?” Successful learning is when the student can do the work and successful management is when there is a working relationship. The weaker the relationship and the more inappropriate the behavior, the more likely we are facing a discipline situation. ENVoY addresses management, not discipline. ENVoY techniques are most effective when there is a working relationship with the student. The following guidelines apply when the answer is, “YES, the student can do the work,” and “YES, there is a relationship.”

POWER Approach

1. Approaches from the front

2. Has eyes on student’s face

3. Isn’t breathing

4. Is close to the student

5. Uses more verbal redirect


1. Approaches from the side

2. Has eyes on student’s work Is breathing

3. Is farther from the student.

4. Uses non-verbal redirect. If the teacher says something, it is brief and quiet.

The Influence technique is designed to break the “negative reinforcement syndrome.” The instructor using Influence is focusing on the work; he is separating the student as a person from the student’s behavior.

Reflective Questions

How does your relationship with a student influence how you approach them when they are off task? How might your approach influence your effectiveness in getting a student back on task? How do you utilize what you know about a student to maximize your effectiveness with him/her?

Influence Approach (2016)

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Monday, November 14

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MGP Leadership Team Meeting 8:05 in Room 199b

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K-12 Meeting at Lewisville 7:30-9:30

Friday, November 18

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PBIS Tier 2 Behavior Meeting 8:15

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Monday, November 21

Fine Dining Winner Announced (grades 3 & 4)

Tuesday, November 22

MGP Staff Meeting: Fall Learning Cadres 8:05 in various locations

November 23-25: No School, Thanksgiving Break

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December 6: MGP Staff Meeting

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December 13: MGP Staff Meeting, Learning Cadres (Winter session)

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January 16: MLK Jr. Day, No School

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