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Earth's Magnetic Field: by tommy

How Earth's Magnetic Field affects compasses

A compass is an object that has a needle that is magnetized. It's attracted to Earth's magnetic field because it is also magnetized. The direction of the compass needle is the same direction of the magnetic field.

How to use a compass

When using a compass:

1. First, Choose the direction you want to go.

2. Next, pick up the compass and hold it evenly in your hand.

3. Then, turn until the red arrow on the compass is pointing in the direction you are

wanting to go....N,S,E or W.

4. Finally, walk in that direction and continue holding the compass to make sure you continue in that direction. Also, be aware of your surroundings.

What is a compass?

If you don't know what a compass is, it is a tool with a magnetic pointer that shows North, South, East, and West. It can help people find there way from point A to point B.