Polkadot Class Happenings

The Week of May 6 to May 10


This week we are focusing on taking notes as we are reading . Students will be focusing on one idea they wrote and digging deeper to discover what it tells them about the story and what connections they may have to the text.


This week we are finally taking our notes and writing out our non-fiction books on paper. The students have been very excited and motivated to get their stories down and to share their writing with others.


In math we are focusing on problem solving and adding/subtracting strategies. We are working a variety of problem types and learning how to follow the action in a problem.

Social Studies

This week we are learning about the difference between being a producer and a consumer. We practiced being both when we made a class snack and when we ate the snack. We will also learn how goods are made from a raw material to a finished product. Please help your child with vocabulary by asking them what goods/services they see in their world, and have them notice when they are being a producer and consumer.

Other Important News

Parent/Teacher Conference: It is time for End of Year Parent/Teacher conferences. Please sign up for a spot to discuss your child's academic progress this year and what you can do to support your child for next year. The link to sign up is: http://tinyurl.com/brvapxn. I look forward to speaking with you.

Library Books - Our class has the chance to win a Popsicle party if everyone turns in their library books by May 17th! Please encourage your child to find/return missing library books to school as soon as possible. Books that are not found can be paid for by cash or check. Notices will be coming home this week and next week.

Pasta for Pennies - This is the last week to donate money for Pasta for Pennies. The proceeds will be donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The class with the highest amount of change donated will get to have a Pasta Party! Please have your child bring their pennies this Friday!

Have a great week!

Ms. Tia Sayaovong

Second Grade Teacher

Forest North Elementary

Email: tia_sayaovong@roundrockisd.org

Phone: 512-464-6750

"Soaring to New Heights Together"