The City of Ember

By:Jeanne Duprau

The City of Ember Summary

In The City of Ember the chief builder decides to make instructions.According to the text,"The builders put these instructions in a box set to open in 220 years later....When Lina's little sister,Poppy,finds the instructions she chews them up.Now Lina and Doon are trying to decode the instructions.After they decode and find the place the instructions lead to.Lina and Doon are trying to find a way to get everyone out of The City of Ember."


Advice for you

Dear Maddy,

How can Doon and I find our way out of these tunnels?How can we get everyone out of Ember?How can we live without food and supplies?What land will we find? Now that we got out. We have a question now that we have reached the land, way is Ember underground?

Dear Lina and Doon,

To get out of the tunnels you need to follow the path.If you want to get everyone out you can send a note to someone to tell the city.To live without food and water you have to hunt.Ember was made to keep out danger.I hope you find what you're looking for.


A proplem in The City of Ember is they are running out of food. Another word is food lost. The reason is the mayor is taking the food in to a room in the Pipeworks. Now the city is on a short stock of food.This reminds me of the homeless have some food but they are slowly losing food.Like The City of Ember they are starving and can't have a good meal.Even we are helping a little a day but a little is a lot to the homeless.In The City of Ember people outside the city can't help because don't know they don't know that they are alive.We know the homeless need food and we can help,unlike the people outside The City of Ember. The homeless and the city of Ember can't eat dounts like us.

Madisynn Stickler

My name is Madisynn Stickler but my friends call me Maddy.I loved The City of Ember my favorite part was when Lina and Doon leave the city.My least favorite part was when the 7th mayor tried to take the instructions to heal himself and after he dies they got hidden in a closet. I would recommend this book to young teens,4th graders,and 5th graders.If you do read the book I hope you love The City of Ember as much as I loved it.I would say to read the other books in the series after you read the first book.