My Trans Pecos Journey

My 7 day trip through Trans Pecos

Day 1

I was dropped off near Loving, Texas today. I started off hiking through the mountains until I reached the Comanche Trail Pipeline. I took a little break there to rest my legs. A little jackrabbit hopped right over to me! It landed on my leg and startled me. I don't know how the jackrabbit can survive in this heat all of the time. The rest of the night was hard. I walked 5 miles and didn't have any water. As the sun set the temperature dropped and I couldn't figure out how to start a fire. Wish me the best of luck. See you tomorrow:)

Day 2

I just woke up and started hiking towards Lajitas, TX. I found out that the mayor is a goat! In Lajitas there are a lot of high winds that cause sand storms. This has been eroding all of the sand dunes and spreading all of the sand around. I haven't seen any rainfall since a got here, and the high elevation is making it hard to breath. But, I found out how the jackrabbits can survive in the high heat! They regulate blood through their ears to cool them down. See you tomorrow:)

Day 3

Today I walked to Crane. Soon after I arrived, it began to rain hard and caused a flash flood. I'm sure that made the oak trees very happy. There were tons of animals that all came out to cool down and get water from the accumulation. I came across some cotton. The farmers were growing so much of it! I found a nice cave to sleep in. Hopefully I will make it through the night. See you tomorrow:)

Day 4

I survived! Today I visited Pecos. Did you know that the rat snake is only found in this area? I saw an antelope grazing in a field. They are very peaceful animals. The poor animal had to find shade to cool down. Today the temperature is 87 degrees but very humid. Everywhere I look I see farmers out growing crops. Tomorrow I will travel to El Paso to visit my cousin Daniel. See you tomorrow:)

Day 5

I traveled to El Paso today! I stopped at my cousin's house for some lemonade, but I wanted to go out and explore. As I was walking around I felt a sharp pain run up my leg. I looked down and saw a snake had bitten my leg! I called for help but nobody came. I just remember feeling the venom running through my veins. Sadly, I fainted soon after. Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow:(

Day 6

I was airlifted to the hospital yesterday. The doctors think they can get the venom out of me, but they are unsure at this point. My leg has swollen up to twice its original size. It looks like I wont be able to finish the trip... See you tomorrow:(

Day 7

I'm still in the hospital today. The doctors think some of the venom is still in my leg, because it is so swollen. They are working to fix it. I will be sent back to Houston tomorrow. Sorry I couldn't go on the rest of my journey. It was a fun while it lasted. Until next time:)
Trans Pecos journey