North stresses higher boarder control

Human Right Violated and Disgraced

Citizens in North Korea try to flee to the South as the North is starving them because no money is barely coming into there Country. But are limited by strict boarder laws. " Poor growing conditions, fertilizer shortages, and general mismanagement. On the most basic level, the terrain and climate in North Korea aren’t great for farming. The country is mountainous, and the growing seasons are short."(Reuters). No food being made and barely food coming in!? Citizens are in up most panic for there families and loved ones.


Inmates are Suffering and Tortured in North Korea

"Inmates in North Korea's prison camps suffered starvation and torture and described "unspeakable atrocities" comparable to Nazi abuses uncovered after World War Two, the U.N. inquiry said in a preliminary report in September."(Reuters) Inmates are the ones really being affected by this endless war. Kim starves them, endless of torturing them, and abandoning them. "The inquiry was established in March, following pressure by Japan, South Korea and Western powers to begin building a case for possible criminal prosecution."(Reuters) Attorneys try and save these singled out inmates, but North refuses to even hold court cases.