Career Project by Sunjong Yun

Mechanical Engineer

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My Personality

Before I choose a job, it is important that I need to understand my personality. When I did the personality color test, my primary personality color was green which is I like to be challenged in careers and I like to develop models. Mechanical Engineer should be very hard and need to focus on that but, it can be fun also when Mechanical Engineer design stuff. I like designing and making which is my hobby. Mechanical Engineer also need to be good at math that it requires Linear graph of Algebra and the other kinds of math. The most important thing that math is required is computers do not make traditional mathematical analysis. Because the Mechanical Enginner needs to be good at math, I have to be Calm, Cool, and Investigative.

Math Needed

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The school that I want to go is University and it is The University of Texas at Austin. The reason why I choose this school is UT Austin is one of the most qualified 4 years university in texas. It is public University and need to pay for the tuition. Another reason that I choose this University is the Tuition fees are not that expensive. Tuition fees are $8,532. Admissions are 29 applicants and 44% admitted. Location is in the Austin and I will be paying for my room to live and pay for the food. After I graduate from this University, I would be a Mechanical Engineers because UT Ausion can support this career. I would study in UT Austin for 4 years and get bachelor's degree. To be a Mechanical Engineer, the training needed is to take the online classes called Machine Shop Safety and Machine Shop Supervisor Training. These training also support me to when I become a Mechanical Engineer.
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University of Texas Ad - Sole Purpose

Career Choices

If I choose a career, I think Mechanical Engineer would be a good choice for me. Mechanical Engineer earns average salary of $83,060 per year and need at least bachelor's degree to be a Mechanical Engineer. Mechanical Engineers design tools, engines, machines, and other mechanically functioning equipment. It requires Math and Science skill. Mechanical Engineer uses mathematics to solve which part are needed and requires Linear graph of Algebra and other kinds of math. This is the reason that I wanted to become a Mechanical Engineer because I can be challenged and I have a lot of experience with math. But, the job outlooks are less likely in the future.
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If I become a Mechanical Engineer, I will earn money but, I also have to pay for everything that I need for my life. To save money, I would live in and apartment and eat in home. I will not have to eat outside and pay more than I have to. It will cost little money to live in an apartment. I would also stay home for Home Bundle which is Entertainment. For the transportation, I would actually buy my own car because I need to move place to place. I would get Basic-Auto but, I would not get a van to save money. For clothing, It would be formal which is I can wear normal Jeans and Flannel shirt. For Utilities, I would use Mobile phone and Internet. Last, for Health Care, I would choose Health Insurance II even if it cost a lot because a Health Care is the most important part of all. So, the total salary needed is $49,303. I think Mechanical Engineers would effect my job because it earns $83,060 per year and my salary expenses needed is much lower than the money that I earns.