Ms. Ajmera's Class

Inspiring Students To Think with Depth and Complexity

December 14, 2014

  • In Language Arts we have taken a break from Novel Studies to work with our Junior Great Books curriculum. Students are practicing inquiry based discussions and learning how to find evidence from the text to support their thoughts. We are also learning a strategy called Bing, Bang, Bongo which helps the students to structure a 5 paragraph essay. After the holiday break we will return to our novels.
  • In Science, we are continuing with our food and nutrition unit of study. We will be doing a hands- on simulation of the digestive process in class this week.
  • In Geography, we are studying architecture. Students have formed collaborative groups to design and build themed gingerbread houses this week. So far I have seen drawings for a Japanese pagoda, The White House, and a castle. I am looking forward to seeing the final constructions!
  • In Math, we are continuing with learning concepts through Apex, math fact mastery through Xtra math and problem solving and math skill application with me in small groups. Projects will be assigned monthly after the holiday break.
  • In Life Skills, we have continued through our workbook and our digital citizenship curriculum. Our latest lesson was on the power of words online.
  • Students will be writing a five paragraph research report on the skeletal system based on their research.
  • In Technology, the kids continued working with Photo Shop.
  • Typing Agent Unit 4 is due at the end of January

General Information

  • I appreciate everyone's patience while I was out sick the first week of December.
  • Friday, December is our last day of school in 2014! We have a special afternoon planned with a movie and popcorn.
  • Please don't forget to sign up for a conference if we have not met already. I can do phone conferences as well.
  • Please send a water bottle to school with your child.
  • Students may need a few materials from home for their gingerbread house constructions. They will bring home a material list home on Monday.