No More Dead Dogs Movie

Base on the novel by Gordon Korman

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Meet the Cast Members

Here is Jessie (Mr.fogelman), Emma (Trudi), Zari (Rachel), Cameron (dylan), Ravi (Wallace Wallace)


Jessie is like Mr. Fogelman because she always tell Emma, Ravi, Zari, and Cameron what to do, their homework, and the right thing to do.


Emma is just like Trudi because Emma likes boys and so does Trudi. Trudi Likes Wallace and Emma likes Raymond.


Zari is like Rachell because she gets what she wants. Zari also speaks her mind. Rachel speaks her mind to.


Cameron is sneaky. Dylan is sneaky and sabotage the play many of times.


Ravi is like Wallace because Wallace quit the football team and doesn't play any sports and Ravi doesn't play sports either.

No More Dead Dogs

Saturday, Nov. 22nd, 10am

1200 Carlee St

Brenham, TX

Play starts at 10 A.M. on Saturday November 22, 2014. Come join us while we injoy No More Dead Dogs with the cast members from Jessie