Dental Hygiene

Jocelyn Gutierrez 7/8

Career Details

  • Educate patients about proper oral hygiene
  • Clean teeth using ultrasonic
  • Record problems in the patients mouth
  • Work side by side with the dentist
  • Take x-rays

Average hours/ Working Schedule

  • Can work part time
  • Can work full time
  • May get called in for work
  • Work 8 hours a day

Working Location

  • Anywhere

Salary/ Wage potential

  • Highest/lowest percent earned is about $40 and $17/hour
  • Middle quartiles earned $21.96 and $32.48 an hour

Education Needed

  • Two year college
  • Can earn an Associates Degree
  • Need to be licensed from the state
  • Training program

Skills required

  • Good with people
  • Able to work with a lot of upper body
  • Isn't scared of anything
  • Good with electronics
  • Responsible
  • Good knowledge

Job lookout/ Growth

As of now a lot of people are retiring from dental hygiene. A lot of new workers will be able to get in. Many people find more jobs with an associates degree instead of a bachelors in this program.

Advancement Opportunities or Related Jobs

Dental Hygienist can work their way up to become a dentist. This will take more schooling and learn new skills.