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Brazil Amazing Views

The Portuguese reportedly found native Indians numbering around 7 million. Most tribes were peripatetic, with only limited agriculture and temporary dwellings, although villages often had as many as 5,000 inhabitants. Cultural life happens to have been richly developed, although both tribal warfare and cannibalism were ubiquitous. The Cristo Redentor in Brazil is the highest point on Brazil. The Current leader Dilma Rousseff. On the right side of this flyer is a map of Brazil.

Come to Corcovado Mountain to visit Best view your ever seen.

The percentages of People race in Brazil

White Population 47%
Brown Population 43%
Black Population 7%
Asian population 1%

Brazil sends troops to border to fight crime.

Wednesday, Aug. 8th 2012 at 3pm


10,000 troops and civilians have deployed to Brazil southern border region.