Turn $40 into $80 Over & Over

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Our Benefits & Compensation Plan

MCA Member Benefits are:

-Emergency Road Service "ERS" - Gas, Tires, Battery, and Towing up to 100 miles!!!

(Includes your Boat, RV, Motorcycle, Dually Truck, and Livestock Trailer at no additional cost)

-24 Hour Dispatch "ERS"


-Emergency Room Expense (Covers: Casts, Splints, Lab, X-Ray, Nursing, Transfusions, IV’s, Anesthetics, Doctor Care, ad Facility.

-Daily Hospital Benefit of up to $54,750

(Paid daily directly to you not for hospital bills, your auto insurance policy may cover those expenses)

-Accidental Death Coverage

-Accidental Death Benefit

-Traffic Court Defense

-Stolen Automobile Reward

-Farm Equipment Reward

-Legal Defense Fees of up to $3,000

(Moving Violations and Personal Injury)

-$500 Arrest Bond Certificate

-Jail Bail Bond of up to $25,000

-Credit Card Protection

-Travel Planning & Assistance Service for both your personal and business needs.

-Major Hotel and Car Rental Company Discounts from 5-40%

-Dental, Vision, and Prescription Discounts with Major Providers from 15-60%

***Additional benefits may from time to time be added as we enhance our product. Note benefit coverage may vary by State***

Associate Compensation:

$80.00 or more for every single membership submitted, as well as unlimited monthly residual income from your members. Even 2 small referral signups a day generates a $1,120.00 WEEKLY INCOME!!! Paid weekly via direct deposit to your bank account or deposit of choice.

Your first pay check can be as early as the following Friday if you get started before our Company weekly deadline of Saturday at 12am Central Time.

Remember, this opportunity comes with a small $39.90 initial investment, this is an investment for your own business and financial freedom. This initial payment is eventually reimbursed on your very first paycheck, meaning you have nothing to lose!

Motor Club of America is all around peace of mind and FINANCIAL--->>SECURITY BLANKET!


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