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Arcola, 10/15/21

Keep working hard and staying strong!

We see you families and students giving it your best effort and being kind each day. Thank you and keep up the great work, we appreciate you, ALL of you.

The Counselor Corner

You may have read about some of the recent Tik Tok challenges. These challenges are disturbing and alarming to many people, especially parents. Here are some ideas on how to talk with your own children about these challenges:

Next Wednesday is Unity Day/Stop Bullying Day, focusing on kindness, acceptance, and inclusion. This campaign was designed to raise awareness of the long-lasting effects that bullying has on children and change the perception that bullying is just a part of growing up. As we know, so much of bullying now takes place online, also known as cyberbullying. Does your teen have the tools needed to handle cyberbullying? Check out this article in Psychology Today:

School Required Forms and PowerSchool

Please complete the following back to school forms (Navigation Menu > Forms > General Forms) in the PowerSchool Parent Portal (

  • Acknowledgements (for Student Handbook/Code of Conduct/Board Policies/Acceptable Use Policy)
  • Student Health Form Update
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Publicity Refusal Form 2021-2022 (K-12)/ Release of Information (9-12 only)

**Please note that you can only view and update the set of forms under one student at a time. If you have more than one student in the district, you will have to go to each student tab to view and submit their forms.**

You can find more detailed instructions to complete forms here:

To learn how to create a Parent Portal account or add children to an existing account, please go to the PowerSchool page on the Methacton School District website:

Forgot your PowerSchool Username or Password, click the link to recover your account sign in information:

If you need additional assistance completing these forms, please contact your child’s school.


  • Title 1 services are available at Arcola in the area of math. Data has been reviewed and students in need have been contacted.
  • Vacation/Trip forms are on the Arcola website, please use them when planning to be away.
  • Cell phones are not permitted for use during the school day. Students have them in their backpacks.
  • Don't forget about the no frills fundraiser from home and school.

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