Seat Belts Are Useful

By:Alyssa Denman

Are Seatbelts Important?

You may think seat belts are not important, but I think Seat Belts are Important because they can save your life. You may not wear your seat belt now but after you read this you will want to. BE KILLED OR BE SAVED?

Seat Belts Can prevent some bad things from happening!

Your Seat belt prevents you from flying out of the windshield and keeping you in the same place that you were in the place before.You may end up with bruises but stuff way worse can happen to you if you don't wear your seat belts. You need your air bag to inflate quickly for your passenger, then yours. You want it to inflate quickly because it comes out with an explosive force.

Lives are saved with seat belts!

MORE THAN 15,000 PEOPLE ARE SAVED FROM SEAT BELTS. Adults and kids for their seat belts is shoulders and hips. Laps and shoulders spreads the crash in the car.

Laws of the seat belt

Seat belt laws are an important part of encouraging drivers and passengers to buckle up before heading out on the road.By keeping a person in place, the seat belt prevents ejection from the vehicle.