Homelessness All Around Us

Alexis Pickens

Homelessness In America

Homelessness in America is growing each and every year. People become homeless due to losing a loved one, they can't afford the cost of living, school payments, job loss, addiction, etc. Homelessness is a huge, growing problem in the United States. There are many social organizations that help gether food, clothing, or a place to sleep and stay at warm at night for those who don't have the chance to have them. A lot of us do not realize how big of a problem homelessness is until we witness it.

2015 Race to End Homelessness

Sunday, April 19th, 6am

300 Connecticut Street

Hollywood, FL

Get up and come participate in the 5th annual 5K run to help support the homeless! there is nothing better than helping someone in need especially when all it takes is a couple hours out of your day. It starts at 6:00am and ends at 10:30am. imagine if you were in the situation those who are homeless are. Would you want people to help you better your life?

The Pursuit of Happyness

Christopher Gardner is a man that went from poor to millions. After a year of being homeless he finally understood the struggle of not having a home or food to eat. When discussing the homeless he always says, "I have walked in their shoes." His childhood was marked by poverty, domestic violence, alcoholism, sexual abuse and family literacy. In the early 1980's, Gardener had earned a living by selling medical supplies. After goong months without selling any supplies and not being able to pay rent, his girlfriend left him and his toddler. He spent night after night trying to arrange for food, child care, and shelter. When they were lucky enough to find space, they slept at the Glide Memorial Church shelter. When there was not enough space, they huddled in a locked bathroom at an Oakland subway station. Chris understands the cost of living and how life shouldn't be taken for granted. Everything can be taken from you in an instant.
Homelessness In America
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