tabacco news

by:Lilli Angell

Physical consequences (how smokeing affcets your body)

1. It stains your skin

2. it stains your teeth

3. Kills brain cells

4. Bad breath

5. Shortness of breath

6. cancer

Social Consequences-(How smoking affects relationships and interactions with other people)

1. Affected your actions

2. What you say

3. Attitude

4. You could lose friends

5. It wrinkles your skin and people might think you are older than you really are

6. You could get upset a lot and lose friends

Harmful Effects Of Tobacco On The Human Body, Educational Video For Children

4 ways mental and Emotional Health- (the way your brain functions, how you think/understand, how you feel

1. it could make you feel weird

2. How you think and act

3. It kills brain cells

4. Your heart

This is a paragraph explaining the dangers of useing tobacco and why people should not use it

People should not use tobacco in any shape or form. because it could cause you to loose friends. you could get cancer or it stains your teeth. you would not live as long. you should not use tobacco just because you think it is cool or going to make you a popular kid or just because someone else is doing it. if you are thinking about smoking or using tobacco you need to change your mind. you could also have short of breath. when you are around people and they smoke try to keep distance because it could also affect you in some ways not all the ways that it affects them