Mrs. Scallan's Pre-K News

For the week of 1.29.16

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This week in Pre K

Hello Pre K parents!

  • We met our Letter Buddy Regular R this week, but we liked to call him Robert! We learned how to write the letter Rr, We leaned the sound and how to recognize the letter in print. We worked on our sight words look, at, the,cat, dog, like and love. We practiced writing the words and recognizing them in print! We brainstormed and charted R words. We practiced letter recognition and phonics with sight word sliders. We also practiced handwriting Big R and Little r's in our phonics books, journals, and on our own. We talked about the concept of rhyming and how we can make rhyming pairs with words that have the same ending sound. We matched rhymes and worked in guided centers with different rhyming games. Together, we read many books that contained rhyming verses and we challenged ourselves to finish the sentences. We loved the book Rhyming Dust Bunnies and Sleep Big Bear Sleep.

  • In Math, we focused on practicing our number recognition and addition of number sets. We practiced the with the addition symbol and number sets using colored bingo chips, felt dots and felt numbers.

  • In Science we talked about robots and what they can be used for. We saw how the 3D printer here at school can make plastic robots with the help of Ms. Moser. We draw and painted our own Robots as well. We read many stories of the theme including: Rosie Revere Engineer, Robots. Robots Everywhere and the silly story If I had a Robot.

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Next week

Next week we will be focusing on a new letter and add a few more sight words to our list. We will be learning more about maps and reading maps in social studies. In math, we will continue to focus on learning addition of number sets.