TJWA Young Chambers

See first hand, the requirements of business

What is Young Chambers?

Young Chamber brings together young people between the ages of 11-19 with local businesses through the Chamber of Commerce network, to provide real meaningful understanding about business, jobs, careers and the exciting range of potential opportunities that exist for all young people, of all abilities, once they leave education.

Young Chamber helps to develop a young person’s understanding of the range of employability skills that employers look for in their future employees.

Young Chamber is a simple non perceptive framework connecting young people and businesses in their local areas. No middle men. No imposed structure.

Employers recognise the strengths of the Young Chamber framework. They are able to meet with interested young people and talk about their industry sectors and areas of expertise, providing young people with informed information.

It's simple, straightforward and direct and provides huge benefits for both young people and local business.

Why should I join?

  • See at first hand the requirements of business and what would be expected of students when looking for and commencing full-time employment.
  • Provide students with a voice and real audience with those within the business community.
  • Opportunity to contribute to local issues – providing students with a voice to say how they feel about local issues.
  • Mechanism for students to communicate with local business and commerce.
  • Greater opportunities to experience and to gain awareness of the business community.
  • Opportunity for students to raise their personal achievement and to add relevant work skills to their CV.
  • Opportunity to contextualise learning and classroom experiences with business needs.
  • Opportunity to assess employability and enterprise skills.
  • Opportunity to practice key employability skills.
  • Being taken seriously by business staff.
  • Learning from fun activities that do not seem like schoolwork.
  • Access to resources that may not be available within school environment, thereby enriching students’ learning experiences.

What the last Young Chambers did

In February 2015, The TJWA Young Chambers put on a Business lunch for local business people and businesses in Kent. We only had 4 Months to prepare, meet with Mr McParland to get permission to use the conference room, ask for funding from the Designer Outlet, and get a caterer to agree to make the food for the lunch.

The Young Chambers first business lunch, was a success on the 27th February 2015. The outlet sponsored the lunch. We had 50 different local businesses turn up, this allowed them to network with other businesses but not just that. They got to network with us, the students.

We made some good contacts for colleges and uni placements. But also we made some good contacts for the academy.