By: Dylan Love

Where they Lived

The Comanches originally lived in the New Mexico area but moved to the southern part of the Great Plains later on. Also they lived in tepees and were nomadic hunter- gatherers.
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Comanche Food and How They and How They Obtained it

The Comanche's diet consists mainly of meat. They also ate vegetables, roots, and fruits but not very often. They were against cannibalism but did eat horse meat at serious times. They were also forbidden to eat dog flesh.

The Comanche were hunter-gatherers. The men fought buffalo and bison for food and the women collected most of the food on a day to day basis.

Where They are Now.

There are about 10,000 Comanches today. Most of them live in Oklahoma. Some also live in California, Texas, and New Mexico.

Religion and Traditions

The Comanche believed in good and bad spirits. When they met for praying matters they would start with a pipe smoking ceremony. The first puff is for the great spirit. They also had special dances

Organization and Leadership

The Comanche were split up into bands led by Band Chiefs. There were as many as 35 bands that came together to discuss important issues.

Cool Comanche Facts

The Comanche raided other tribes and stole food and horses. They were enemies with many of the tribes and only had a few allies. They were vicious fighters and expert horsemen.