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Salmonella is a type of food poisoning that is a bacterial infection that cause swelling of the lining of the stomach

How Salmonella Is Spread

Salmonella spreads by contract between the month and dirty food. The bacteria can also be spread bewteen animals and people.

Salmonella is common to attack anyone who eats infected food but it's mostly the young and old people.

BEWARE Salmonella has a hide out!

Salmonella bacteria can be found in food products such as raw poultry, eggs, and beef, and sometimes on unwashed fruit.


vomting, stomach pains, cramps, bloody vomit, fever, chills, muscle pain, weakness

Armed and dangerous!!!

Salmonella is considered to be armed and dangerous becasue people have died from it. 1.4 million people get it in America a year.

Almost 400 people a year die from Salmonella.

Salmonella is more common in the summer than in the winter