The Holocaust

Valeria Faw academic 1

Have you ever wondered about the Holocaust and what people did if they were involved with it? The Holocaust was a very sad and imortant time in Earths history where Jewish people weren't treated fairly. Jews were not treated like other people they were treated badly and didnt get to do what they wanted to. The people that were control of the concentration camps were called the Nazis they were ruled by Adolf Hitler.There were many things Jews had to do and they had to do it while other things were happening during the Holocaust.

The Holocaust was a time where Jewish people werent treated like other people, they were treated badly and had to go through a really hard time. The place where Jews were sent was called a " Concentration Camp."They had to live somewhere else than their own homes. Jewish people had to move into tiny quaters where many other jews slept. Jewish people were forced out of their homes and other places so that the Nazis could get them where Adolf Hitler told them to take. When Jews were forced to do stuff and sent to locations where they weren't treated as if they were a person who wasn't involved they had to suffer.

The Holocaust was a time in Earths history were Jews were treated as if they had done something wrong. When this happened it caused a lot of sad memories some Jews survived and some didn't. When Jews weren't treated fairly because of who they were, they had to suffer. When Jews were sent to concentration camps and told to do jobs, but all of a sudden they were killed in gas chambers just because the Nazis were told to kill them by Adolf Hitler. Why did this have to happen?