The Ririe Report


Math and Science

MATH: Students will be working on solving as well as creating multiplication word problems including whole numbers and decimals.

SCIENCE: We will be learning about how energy is used and produced. For example, a toaster uses electrical energy and it produces heat (thermal), mechanical, light energy.

Question: Last week, did any of your kids stand in front of an open refrigerator waiting for you to say something? The kids and I had a really funny conversation about that. We were talking about heat energy and they learned that heat always travels towards cold, in fact, cold in itself doesn't really exist; cold is just the absence of heat. Well, I challenged them to stand in front of the refrigerator and when you told them, "Shut the refrigerator, you are letting the cold out!", they were supposed to respond, "Well actually, I'm letting the heat in."

Thermal Conductors

Students tested the heat conductivity of different metals.

Thermal Insulators

Students predicted and tested insulators to see which one could keep the heat out.

Our Desk Pets

Students are having a lot of fun earning "pets" in my class. Every day at the end of class, I walk around marking their pet chart and once they have earned 10 marks they get to adopt a pet. The daily marks are earned by exhibiting good behavior and effort.

Adoption day is on Friday and the kids get so excited. I bought little containers (houses) for their pets and labeled the houses with their names. I was also lucky to find the perfect "apartment" building for their pets (thanks to Target). I noticed the kids check on their pets frequently and they are now allowed to have a play date with their pets on Fridays, that means they can keep their pets at their table while they work. The kids can also earn food and toys for their pets.

Last Friday I noticed a boy blow a kiss to his pet as he put him back. My heart melted.

I love my kids!


We'll be looking at electrical and light energy soon and I really need D and AA batteries. I've bought some of them already, but need more for the flashlights and electrical circuits we'll be using in class. Thanks.