Ending Global Warming!

Cooling the Planet, One bag at a time!

Do you want to help end Global Warming?

If you said Yes to the answer above or even had a slight inclination to - you're in for some good news! Anyone in America today including you can make a huge impact on ending Global Warming. All one has to do is donate a bag of ice (refrigerated in Solid form) to the government ice pick-up truck which usually will come to your place of living when the trash truck comes. Currently almost every one in America is under the Government Ice Program(GIP) which will send an ice truck to you.

How to Help?

A small donation can make a direct impact on the state of global warming and even your lifestyle.

  1. Earth's temperature will be cool down, because of all the ice thrown in the Arctic, Earth's temperature will cool by many fahrenheit degrees.
  2. Antarctica would increase in land mass, this can eventually lead to more tourism and animal life such as Polar bears getting a new habitat.
  3. Communities can get together and create goals of donation for prizes such as a new park bench or 10 trees to be planted in the city.

News Possibilities after donating to the Ice Program! -