Impacts humans have on the ocean

Cameron Bye


Plastic can end up in the ocean and kill thousands and thousands of marine animals each year. A couple of ways we can prevent this from happening is to carry around a reusable bottle and another way is when you bring food with you, sore it in a chemical container.
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When people boat or kayaking they throw there trash over board and it effects organism habitat and ecosystem. One way we can prevent this from happening is to carry around a trash bag with you to throw your trash in it and not over your boat. Another way you can prevent this from happening is to carry a big box with you to store your food and other stuff you have with you.

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There is always pollution in the year and in 2015 it grown way to much.60% of pollution lives 60 kilometers of the ocean. It have a effect to the climate and temperature There is many ways to prevent this and one is to ride our bikes when we just need to go a mile or just up the hill. Another way is to make something just as effected as another vehicle but gives off less pollution.
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Oil spill

Oil spills kill thousands of animals or organism because is can get into there system and kill them. One way we can prevent this is the weather is permitting us to is by putting more booms because I guess they can help prevent oil from getting into the ocean.
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Known as overfishing people fish too much fishes and it decreased some fishes or organism on how much there is left because once we captured the fishes then what ever eats it then that have no food so that will die off and once that dies off then the animal or organism that eats that will eventually die off. One way to prevent this from happening is because they put laws and how much fish you can catch per day. Also they put what kind of fishes you can catch and other stuff like that.
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