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November NEWS!!!!!

Kindergarten News

We hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday and hope that you were able to enjoy some memorable times with family and/or friends. We are really looking forward to December and all the fun that the Christmas holiday brings. What a fun time of year to be in kindergarten with your precious ones. Their excitement fills the air every single day here at Davis Elementary !

In kindergarten we will be very busy learning lots of new things amidst all the holiday festivities. We continue to work on letter names, letter sounds and writing the letters. We will also be working on counting, number identification and writing numbers.

Wondering how you can help your child during this busy time of year? The number one suggestion is “to just talk with them” and “listen to them talk.” Conversation builds background knowledge and allows our youngsters to express their curiosity and learn about everyday life. As busy as this time of year may be, even a pleasure car ride to town can provide the opportunity to share in a conversation. This is so important for language development!

As always, we thank you for all you do to help your children be successful at school and become lifelong learners.

5th Grade News

Fifth grade has been working hard on their science unit called Deer, Deer, Everywhere! Students have been working on building their Eco-columns that consist of grass, alfalfa, mustard seed, guppies, pond snails, crickets, pill bugs, duckweed, and algae. When looking at deer overpopulation students are learning about Matter and Energy in Organisms and Ecosystems. Using articles, videos, and hands on activities students learn why deer population in an issue in New York State and how they can help to fix the problem. All students have been very engaged and look forward to tending to their Eco-columns every day!


Nov. 27: Native American Day

Nov. 28-29: Thanksgiving Break

Dec. 18: Santa visit

Dec. 20: School Wide Movie & PJ Day

Dec. 21: Christmas Vacation begins

Jan. 2: Return to School

Jan. 3: Dinosaurs Rock @ MMS

Jan. 9: 411 Ski Program 1st day

Jan. 10: 411 Ski Program last day

Winter Clothing!!

Winter is upon us! Please be sure your child brings in a pair of ski pants, boots, hat, coat & gloves each day, as they will need these items for recess and/or gym class.