The Cicada's Hotel

The Cicada's Hotel

We sell a variety of wares and foods/drinks at this hotel and serve Cicadas

Come to our hotel now!

buy some souvenirs and stay a while! were located just down the tunnel with our sgin above it.

Map Of This Hotel (up)

Hotel Restaurant specials:

cicadas special: Herbivore salad


The Daycare center has plenty of activities to do for the kids! such as crops to destroy and trees as well.
(Cicadas live underground as nymphs for most of their lives. They live to around

13-17 years. They also go through molting and gradual metamorphosis)


We have set a trap (Guard Dogs in cages) for any predators such as birds lizards and other predators.

Cicada Karaoke!

Cicada songs on the Karaoke machine (WARNING!!! loud screeching)