Samuel Barber

by: Jaydah Tucker

Samuel Barber: Composer for Classical music

Samuel was born on~ March 9, 1910 in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

Samuel died on the date of~ January 23, 1981 in New York City.

Compositions by Samuel Barber

1) Samuel composed a piece called " Vanessa Opera (performed with the cello)".

2) Samuel composed a piece called "Angus Dei (performed by piano)".

3) Samuel composed a piece called " The Rose Tress (Opera)

Opéra Vanessa de Samuel Barber

Vanessa Opera

The video above is the Opera Vanessa. It is preformed in a play.


1) He started composing when he was seven. He was not like any other boy, he didn't play any sports or hang out with his friends.

2) He was half Irish and Half American. His mom was a pianist and, his dad was a physician.

3) Samuel likes the rocky road ice cream and he went to any local town Operas.