by: Julie Gregory

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Autor's Purpose

The author Julie Gregory's purpose for writing this nonfiction book about her life was to expose Munchausen by proxy to the world. She uses her life experiences to show how children are abused by their parents but love them too much to tell anybody that they are being harmed.

Examples from the book of the Author's Purpose

"I'm standing behind my mother's left leg, my eyes glued to the doctor, boring an SOS into hid eyes: Don't make me go, don't let her take me." page 135
"While I am waiting for Danny to reposition the mirror for the next shot, I am lost in thought, thinking about how Mom places all of us as mirrors around her, demanding we reflect back exactly what she needs to see, at precisely the right angle. And if we don't, she strikes out to break the glass." page 191
"In the winter light that streams through the large windows, I start to see in the mirror what it is I really look like, instead of what I was trained from the womb to see." page 203
"I have come back to prosecute my mother, to tell her secrets, to rip from her a veil burnt, sewn, crusted onto her skin. I don't know what shape the process will take, but I have got to stop my mother. Stop her from each new girl she lures into her life under a false pretense, an altered last name, a soft initial touch, and lacing her tightly into the appendage she will carry with her from doctor to doctor, like a worn, favored teddy bear or satin-edged security blanket." page 244


The book, Sickened, is about a young girl named Julie. Her mother pretends that Julie has a lot of crazy diseases, but in reality, she does not. Julie is taken from doctor to doctor to try to find out what is "wrong" with her. The saddest part about this is that Julie's mother Sandy sometimes gives Julie pills and other drugs that will make her sick so that she can tell the doctors that she is legitimately ill. Not only is she forced to take numerous drugs that make her sick, but Julie's father also beats her because Sandy makes up lies saying that Julie called her horrific names that I cannot say here because they would be considered not "school appropriate." Julie escapes her awful family after she graduates from high school, and after she learned about MBP, or Munchausen by proxy, in her college psychology class, she realized what her mother had done to her. Even though she is traumatically scared by what Sandy did to her, Julie still loved her mother and went to see her sporadically throughout her 20s. After she turned 30, Julie went to live wither her mother and found out she had remarried and adopted two children. After only two days liver with them, Julie saw patterns or how Sandy's adopted child was treated very much like Julie was. She had hope that her mother had changed, but in the end, she had to call Child Services and report the abuse.
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